Endometriosis Symptoms

I’m hoping to write a shorter post for this topic, my LORD I am a wordy-ass bitch.

Tonnes of endometriosis websites have lists of symptoms they feel encompass this disease. As an #endowarrior, let me just say that those list must have been written by people who don’t have it because they miss or get a lot wrong. Please check out my list below, using my endo credentials (years of pain and suffering!) as my guide:

> Painful periods
> Periods lasting longer than 6 days
> Irregular periods
> Bloating
> Chronic fatigue
> Loss of appetite
> Rapid weigh loss or gain
> Restricted mobility
> Pain during or after penetrative intercourse
> Infertility
> Painful urination or bowel movements
> Frequent urination
> Diarrhea or constipation
> Nausea
> Abdominal cramping
> Back pain
> Nerve pain in your lower back or legs
> Heavy bleeding (soaking through more than a pad or tampon in a hour)

That’s all I can think of for now, but let me reassure you, the lists I have seen mention maybe half of those.

My hope with my blog that someone out there reads these and finally gets help for a condition that had been brushed off as “painful periods” for years. You guys, no joke, I saw 15-16 surgeons before someone believed me. I fought for my diagnosis and a treatment plan that worked (excision and pelvic physiotherapy). Most doctors get a 2 hour lecture in med school about endo and then never give a shit about it again. It is only just getting some of the research spotlight and most doctors are still very misinformed. Unfortunately, it’s a disease where the patient needs to know more than the doctors they see so they can weed out the unqualified. I’m sure on your endo journey (which I sincerely hope you never have to take), you will be told you have IBS, painful periods, normal period pain, stress, anxiety, depression, etc., but I hope this list validates your pain and gives you the confidence to never back down!