About Me

Welcome friends!

My name is Alex and I am @themeansweetie! I started this blog during my first pregnancy in 2016 and quickly abandoned it after my loss. I guess this is my second chance at blogging now that I’ve had some distance from that.

Since this is primarily a spoonie blog, I thought I would start out by outlining my conditions so you can get a sense of whether my advice and experience would benefit you. (Of course I would love you to stick around for my witty banter, regardless of your spoonie status!)

I have stage 4 endometriosis. I was diagnosed July 1, 2017 during a cystectomy surgery. I had been complaining of symptoms for many years and, leading up to my July surgery, had had 4 cysts rupture in my left ovary. It is 10/10 beg for death pain and I hope you never experience it. Endometriosis had never been mentioned to me by my gyno, despite my family history and symptoms. She thought the cysts were functional, but they ended up being endometriomas (commonly called chocolate cysts). During my cystectomy, my gyno found stage 4 endometriosis. As she was unqualified, she performed ablation on what she could (more on that in the Health section), and closed me up. I have since moved and found a truly incredible surgeon who performed excision surgery in December 2017. I am recovering from that surgery now and feel 100x better than I have in 3 years. I will always have endometriosis as it has no cure, all I can do is keep an eye on symptoms and get another excision when the time comes.

Due to the endometriosis running rampant for years, I have nerve damage and an inability to stop pain signals from being sent. This means that I am in pain every day. It never ends and I get no reprieve. Part of my blogging journey will be discussing how I manage that and what my doctors are doing about it.

Illness #2 is chronic migraines. I have had headaches or migraines almost every day since I was 12. I have seen countless specialists and still have no answer why I get them or how to stop them. My head is a mystery to the medical community.

From the endo pain and migraine, I also have TMD or temporomandibular joint disorder (illness #3, we’re getting there!). Meaning my jaw joint doesn’t work properly. In my case, I cannot unclench my teeth. I have alligator jaw strength. You couldn’t pry my teeth apart with a crowbar. It causes severe jaw and tooth pain, neck and should strain, and of course, more headaches. Luckily, since I don’t grind my teeth, there has been almost no tooth degradation. Thank god for that – my braces cost my parents 30k and they wouldΒ not be pleased if I needed dentures at 26.

Illness #4: Hypoglycaemia! I don’t carry much fat on my frame so when I run out of food to digest and get energy from, my body basically just starts pulling from needed bodily functions to keep going. This charming trait results in confusion, slurred speech, shaking, sweating, irritability, and fainting! It’s definitely a fun one 😐

Finally, I have asthma. I am a pale kid from Recess. I’ve had it since I was born (premature) and manage it with puffers and trigger avoidance. It’s mostly under control but flares in the summer and winter.

Huzzah, the gang’s all here! God, there’s a lot wrong with my traitorous body. Cheers to you for sticking around this long!

Other stuff…Other stuff…
I live in Toronto, which I don’t like, with my husband Eli, who I do like, and our dog, who I like the most. I have degrees in theoretical linguistics and library and information science. I am librarian by trade and by heart though my health does not allow me to work right now. I love baking, so expect a ton of sweet recipes, all tried and true. And finally, both my husband and myself are huge Disney fans so we have lots of tips and tricks for planning and enjoying your Disney vacations.

I currently don’t have pictures on my blog because I don’t own a camera and my phone takes **the worst** pictures. Check out my instagram for now I suppose! Pictures coming when this phone finally shuffles off this mortal coil.

Thanks so much for labouring through this wall of text, love you all!